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Preparing for Carib Mask 2014

I recently had the pleasure of attending a general meeting for the Raleigh Durham Afro Carribean Association. For those who don't know, this is the organization responsible for bringing Carib Mask to Raleigh.

 For the past two years downtown Raleigh has exploded with the sounds of Soca and Reggae music. Even if it's only for one day it's an event to remember. Ladies in extravagant feathered and sequence costumes and bands parade down the Fayetteville street route. While thousand of on looker wave flags from every island. It's just a touch of the carnival experience, here is Raleigh!

So when I heard the meeting would be open to the public, I was ready to go see what this would be about. They where in fact preparing for 2014 carnival. It's registration time for everything from participating in the parade to being vendors. So if you or your organization want to be a part of this years CaribMask I have few details for you. Contact RDACA lol. Remember I said thousands o…

Remembering when Raleigh was just Raleigh

You use to be able to wonder down Hillsborough St. and be alone. College students were in class and everyone else was at work. This was when you could see pass the hustle and bustle of every traffic and enjoy the charm of a the big city with a small town personality.  There was a calm in the air down town on spring or fall days that smelt like fresh dew drops with the occasional whiff of a Hot dog stand.  If you sat there long enough some talented musician would  come along and play while a few state workers or down town lawyers pass by for lunch. Everyone giving that customary nod, wink, or smile just to say hello, that’s they way it use to be....

Long gone are the days when you could hear the saxophone humming between the not so tall buildings on Fayetteville street that was a mall, that is now a street again. Now its filled with construction noises and people in a hurry to get wherever they have to be. No doubt that it is one of the many modern restaurants or trendy boutiques th…

Bigger and better things

It's time to venture out of into the world. It's easy to get use  to doing things one-way but you don't grow that way. I often talk about pursuing your callings in life. For me it has been Triangle Flava. I enjoy taking the time to find out what Raleigh and the surrounding area has to offer and sharing that with everyone. So if you keep up.with my Facebook you know what to expect on this blog. I'll share interesting facts, great parties and noteworthy accomplishments of people in the area. As always I look forward to your comment be bless and enjoy
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