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Hurricane Matthew Aftermath

Its been a troubling week in America with hurricane Matthew passing through the East coast, the Election candidates being less than ideal and the ongoing discussion of police brutality. I found it particularly sobering to watch the news and see how all of our differences can be washed away.
We can't help but recognize the benefits of being American,  when faced with the comparison of the effects of the hurricane against our neighbors. Varying number have been reported from Haiti giving the death toll between 800-900 people. In the U.S we have had just a 10th of this number lost to flood waters. A still staggering number given consideration to the infrastructures, weather warning, and evacuations meant to protect people and avoid such casualties.

Each life is precious and while we work to reconstruct homes, reopen schools, and return to our normal lives, it's my hope that we also turn down the noisy radio static of conflict within our communities. This State has renewed its spi…