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African artist recent visit to Raleigh

In March I was invited to attend an event entitled an African Experience. When I heard it would be held at a local park I imagined a fun filled family event. Since the flyer showcased things like African attire and mentioned food. I was more than anxious to see what the agenda was for the day. I have attended many African events but they were usually traditional or family occasions. I am familiar with the food, culture and I'm a big fan of the music. So, I put on one of my new African outfits and recruited some teenagers to be volunteers for the event. 

Uche Nwosu and his wife  We arrived to banquet style occasions celebrating an African artist who had traveled from Nigeria.
I guess I missed the last word of the title
"An African Experience Exhibition"  It was hosted by the lovely Dr. Alycia Davis and Featured Uche Nwosu. ( say that 5 times fast)  He travel here at the request of a local organization who wanted to share his artwork . His work is already showcase on na…