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Town of Cary Hosted Diversity Summit

Diversity Summit
We all had the same look of confused amazement when told that Town of Cary would be hosting a conversation of this nature. I admit I too was optimistically cautious. This Diversity summit was held in the Cary Arts Center, a beautiful location. They had 3 separate panels to discuss Diversity in Church, Community and Corporate America.

The Martin Luther King Jr. quote : "it is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning." was the inspiration for the first panel. This was a fitting way to start the discussion on such a still touchy topic. The panelist were composed of 5 of the largest and most noticeable church leaders in The triangle area. 

Each pastor has a unique perspective on Diversity in church and why more church are not diverse. 2 of the panelist Pastor Benji and Pastor Lewis both stated that their churches were at least 40% non white. While Pastor Andy could boost that he had the most watch churc…

2015 toy drive Raleigh Helping Hand mission

Not my normal Christmas Eve....

So there was a purpose to all the parties and posting I did over the holidays. After I dropped off my truck full of toys, I made it my point to show up during the toy drive. I don't usually take part in this every year so I was curious to see how many showed up. I heard Ms Silvia mention having lots of volunteers signed up to help, so I wasn't needed. My intention was to snag a few picture to share with those who donated. What I found far exceeded my expectation. Full Groups of volunteers manned all area from hot cook food to Charity boxes and of course the toys!!

It was, as I like to call it "Organized Chaos" people were everywhere. Family and children in lines that led to street.  It was at this moment that  I finally realized that the novelty of collecting and donating toys was much more serious on the receiving end.  As I walked  through the crowd of volunteers and those anticipating presents, I quickly realized you can never have …