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who doesn't love a good TED Talk, Roger McNamee at TEDxSantaCruz

They didn't want to listen to the crazy old guy in 20111... But
let’s see. Tablets? Yes he was right those are huge. Periscope? Yes he was
right live streaming events are amazing. Apple can't be taken down? Well we
already knew that, but didn’t periscope start on Apple?  He had a lot of good points.. Independent
success will define the future,  he has
the concept!!!
Ok ok ok, he can see the matrix. I can't follow all of it as
most of us are only following the trends he is dwelled in to determine what the
trends will be.
Robert gets it. Facebook is already done and it’s great. But
you can't redo the social platform, no more than you can redo YouTube. I can
share everything on everything and even if I can't reTweet this posting or
share this on Facebook or use the RSS feed to do it for me....

We now have apps!! Apps that will circulate our postings to all of our the social sites.  
I have all access to everyone’s life and vice versa, right?

So what matters the most to us now in 2015, those in business or those involved
in society as a whole. Individuality, it’s the world of me, who is talk about me,
who has seen me, and what can I get to better me. The products, company and investors
that get that are going to make the most money in the future. Don’t believe me
or the old crazy millionaire who have the majority of his stock portfolio in Facebook.

Instead let me ask you a question, have you bought a smart
watch yet... I'm looking for a new way to count steps and track my sleep any
suggestions. I heard of a Triangle based company that has designed the
technology that is being used in these products. Anybody know ???


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