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This year has been all about teaming up. I quickly learned that it takes team-power to create memorable events and I believe in the power of giving back. Putting these 2 concepts together led me to include Raleigh's Own Helping Hand Mission in the Bridge the GAP event.  I incorporated a toy drive into the event to collect Christmas toys for the Mission. I know that I will be putting these toys in the right hands. There is a special energy that comes from planning events that involves giving back on a grand scale. Planning and Coordinating with a such a busy person as Ms Wiggins, had it challenges, but it was well worth the effort. I almost became a permanent figure around the Rock Quarry Road Location. Any Event has many moving parts from Food to music to venue restrictions and so on. This one was no different; Mixing the African, Caribbean, and American Cultures Cuisine and Music is a bit complicated. Somehow we manage to pull it off and with a Christmas theme. Ms Silvia Wiggins was very happy with the results, she actually brought the full band, drummers, dancers, security and all to the event. See what she had to say about it for yourself on my event website

 BIG THANK YOU  to all those who partnered for a great cause. These cupcakes were a hit. We had 3 dozen yummy flavors like this cinnamon roll cupcake.
Bubsy Millions is an area Favorite and never fails to bring thr party

My Newest counterpart is Isaac Kuria, my Kenyan brother. When great minds think alike and come together, anythig can be accomplished.
Another BIG THANK YOU!!!



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Best Summer Activities for Raleigh Residents and neighbors

ALL SUMMER 2016  will have the best of the best family friendly events for cultural experience

August is fast Approaching and so are the Annual event  that take place right on Fayetteville street mall and other area locations, SO I am sure you have your Favorites and so do I. Let see if i can give you a few undiscovered treats.

August begins with a Bang !!

Date: August 6th 2016 The 5th Annual Jamaican Pride Picnic
Location: Spring Forest Road Park
Cost: Free to attend  but be prepared to pay for food

Date: August 13th 2016  A newbie this year
The Sister Summit
Location: Raleigh Conventions Center
Cost: Friday Boot Camp for entrepreneurs is $25. 
The Saturday seminars are a part of the expo and is included in the cost of the $15 admission.

Date: August 27, 2016 CARIBMASK
Location: fayetteville street downtown raleigh
Cost: Free to attend 

Date Sept 3rd and 4th 2016 African American festival 

Pan Am Asian Festival and Dragon Boat Race

Triangle International Titans. Your Hometown team.
Hello Team, Everyone that wasn't out of town came out strong on this past Saturday. It was great to see everyone! 
PRACTICES: All practices are closed; however, the Raleigh Dragon Boat Association (RDBA) has generously offered our team the opportunity to sign up for any already scheduled practice. This is really a great opportunity. Please sign up to one of the practices on meetup and go to practice so that one of RDBA captains can work with you on your position in the boat. Once they work with you, they will tell you your strongest position so that we can assign you to a seat in the boat for the race. Please don't delay! Get your assignment as soon as you can.

T-SHIRTS: Our team member Annie has designed a t-shirt for purchase on Zazzle:

If you do not purchase a t-shirt, the suggested shirt color …

Town of Cary Hosted Diversity Summit

Diversity Summit
We all had the same look of confused amazement when told that Town of Cary would be hosting a conversation of this nature. I admit I too was optimistically cautious. This Diversity summit was held in the Cary Arts Center, a beautiful location. They had 3 separate panels to discuss Diversity in Church, Community and Corporate America.

The Martin Luther King Jr. quote : "it is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning." was the inspiration for the first panel. This was a fitting way to start the discussion on such a still touchy topic. The panelist were composed of 5 of the largest and most noticeable church leaders in The triangle area. 

Each pastor has a unique perspective on Diversity in church and why more church are not diverse. 2 of the panelist Pastor Benji and Pastor Lewis both stated that their churches were at least 40% non white. While Pastor Andy could boost that he had the most watch churc…