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2015 toy drive Raleigh Helping Hand mission

Not my normal Christmas Eve....

So there was a purpose to all the parties and posting I did over the holidays. After I dropped off my truck full of toys, I made it my point to show up during the toy drive. I don't usually take part in this every year so I was curious to see how many showed up. I heard Ms Silvia mention having lots of volunteers signed up to help, so I wasn't needed. My intention was to snag a few picture to share with those who donated. What I found far exceeded my expectation. Full Groups of volunteers manned all area from hot cook food to Charity boxes and of course the toys!!

It was, as I like to call it "Organized Chaos" people were everywhere. Family and children in lines that led to street.  It was at this moment that  I finally realized that the novelty of collecting and donating toys was much more serious on the receiving end.  As I walked  through the crowd of volunteers and those anticipating presents, I quickly realized you can never have to many hands.

In true Carolina fashion , I put my camera down and got to work. In the mist of name card, puzzles and baby dolls I came to steel a few giggles with whom I later found to be MS. Glitz.  Her and I both coming from a corporate back ground put our organizational skills to use. The seemingly endless line quickly dwindled down as every family went home. They all had what they needed to make Christmas possible for their children. Ms. Glitz and I got a chance to exchange information. She a Fun Facilitator for Corporate Events, that explains the Glitz. Sounded like the best job ever, I'll be glad to keep up with her activities. You can to by going to her site:

You can also keep up with Ms Silvia and the Helping Hand Mission's Marching band activites on you tubes.


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